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Offering Reliable Event Lighting Rental in Tampa

Lighting plays an important role in any event. Whether the gathering happens in an outdoor location or inside a building, the right lights can make any occasion extraordinary and stunning. Insignia Sound and Production has the lighting rental solutions you need to brighten up your venue. We provide lighting for various types of events in the Tampa area. Our extensive years of experience working with large corporations have enabled our technical staff to come up with excellent setups for different applications such stage lighting, ambience lighting, effects lighting, uplighting and more!

The Importance of Good Lighting in an Event Venue


Event lights, from a practical perspective, keep guests safe. Adequate lighting allows people to see their surroundings clearly and move from one area of the venue to another easily and safely. The lights in a venue also illuminate pathways to guide lost guests.

Event lighting goes beyond illuminating a space, though. Some lighting equipment can establish the mood for the different stages of the gathering. Bright and colorful lights, for instance, are ideal for high-energy events, such as dancing parties and concerts. Events that require an intimate setting, meanwhile, use soft lights.

Apart from setting the tone of an event, clever lighting equipment and techniques help hide the unattractive aspects of a venue. Event designers, for instance, may use certain light equipment to create shadows and conceal the unappealing elements of the location. They may also use the same lights to highlight the best features of a venue.

Why Rent Event Lights Instead of Purchasing Them

Rather than shop for lighting equipment on your next event, you should turn to an event lighting provider to avoid any future hassles. Here are the benefits of renting event lights:

Cost-Effective Strategy

Buying lighting equipment to achieve a stellar lighting design for your event can be a costly move. Expect to scrape off a large chunk of your event budget for state-of-the-art gear. It may even go higher if you opt for expensive special lights, depending on your design goals. Achieving fantastic lighting for your event goes beyond buying rigs and colored light bulbs. Uplighting and stage lighting event rental, on the other hand, lets you use top-of-the-range equipment for your venue without spending a fortune.

Expertise from a Lighting Professional

Even if you do have the event lighting equipment you need, using the lights effectively for your event is an entirely different story — unless you’re a lighting expert. When you rent professional lighting gear, you receive guidance from a professional team that can create the lighting effect you want. Lighting directors have years of experience under their belt, and they may come up with a lighting plan that will make your event shine.

Zero Maintenance Needed

Like any event equipment, lighting gear requires upkeep to function effectively. You can skip the inconvenience of having to maintain your gear yourself by renting a professional lighting system.

Let Our Company Light up Your Event

Don’t blow your event budget on basic but expensive lighting equipment. Hire us to give you lighting solutions that will bring out the best in every aspect of your event. Get a free quote by sending us an email at info@insigniaspd.com.

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