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Add a Special Touch to Your Event Venue by Renting Our Drapes

Insignia Sound and Production works with many individuals and companies to deliver and set up drapes that add life to any venue in Tampa. Our drape rental services give your event a sophisticated touch and make any space considerably better.

Renting Drapes for Weddings and Other Intimate Occasions

When you rent our drapes, our team coordinates with you to make your wedding, party, or intimate gathering visually stunning. Our broad selection of fabric options transforms an ordinary-looking venue into a work of art.

On top of that, we use drapes skillfully to create elegant focal points in your chosen venue. You can look forward to decorated windows, quality ceiling treatments, and dramatic door entrances.

Customizing Drapes to Suit Your Event Needs

Apart from our wide range of drape materials, colors, and textures, we also offer unique design techniques and specialty fabrics. You can look forward to adorned ceilings and entryways, as well as draped partitions, to produce discreet event spaces. Whether the type of happenig is high-energy, whimsical, experiential, or cozy, we use drapes to create an event that’s memorable, special, and successful.

Why Choose Our Event Rental Company

As a full-service event rental provider, we help you produce fantastic setups for drapes and other aspects of your event, such as staging, sound, and lights. Our team consists of experienced and skilled event personnel who have years of experience working for large companies. Our knowledge and creativity enable us to improve your event further and make it a success.

When it comes to the price of our services, we offer drape rentals you can afford. Expect competitive and reasonable rental prices while getting quality fabric and drape designs for your venue.

Besides competitive pricing, we value client satisfaction. As a customer-focused company, we take the time to learn about your event goals and develop a plan to achieve them. If you have any questions, our team will be more than happy to address your concerns.

Make Your Event Come to Life with Drapes

We will transform the overall look and feel of your event venue. Obtain a free quote of our services by emailing info@insigniaspd.com.

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